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Rappers and hip hop stars have tremendous influence on today’s world. With their powerful lyrics, driven performances, and confidence to confront societal wrongs, rappers and hip hop performers compel others to explore their own beliefs and question the system that underlines everyday life. Even more, the rappers and hip hop stars that are popular today impress their fans with their glamorous lifestyles, sleek cars, shiny gold jewelry, and ability to control any room into which they walk. The icons of this genre today undoubtedly will be remembered for years to come, which is why people, even those who do not consider themselves to be diehard fans, are always interested in what musical and entertainment projects these icons are involved.

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When you count yourself as a fan of rappers and hip hop stars today, you are invited to share what you know about your favorites by writing articles for therichestrappers.com. Your articles should meet these stipulated criteria, and you should understand the terms and conditions that come with submitting your content.

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